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Voltage Power Optimisation

VPO is unique – it is voltage optimisation with embedded power conditioning benefits. A best in class technology designed specifically for energy efficiency and to improve power quality. VPO guarantees energy, cost and carbon savings by efficiently optimising a building’s electrical supply. This allows electrical equipment to operate more efficiently and consume less energy.

We guarantee the savings our VPO technology will deliver, removing any risk for you. It’s a guarantee we are committed to honouring.

Unique energy saving solution

Voltage Power Optimisation is unique because the power conditioning benefits, such as harmonic attenuation, transient protection and improved phase balancing, are intrinsic to the technology’s design, without the need for additional components or moving parts.

Bigger savings, more benefits and complete reliability

Voltage Power Optimisation units are manufactured from high quality materials to exacting standards and are designed specifically for energy efficiency and power conditioning. Not a single VPO unit has ever failed in over 600 installations in Australia and New Zealand and in tens of thousands worldwide. Voltage Power Optimisation units have no moving parts and are maintenance-free, with a life expectancy of 50 years.


Every Voltage Power Optimisation unit is hand built, using only the highest quality materials. Attention to detail and build quality are the reason that Voltage Power Optimisation has maintained its unblemished reliability record.

Low maintenance with a single, integrated unit

The power conditioning benefits are integrated into a single unit with no moving parts. Since there are no additional components the unit is very efficient. As a result, it requires no forced air cooling or ongoing temperature monitoring. This high level of efficiency is reflected in our safety and reliability record.


Voltage Power Optimisation units aren’t sold with a maintenance contract. In fact, apart from the regulatory periodic wiring inspection, which applies to all equipment, there is no need for maintenance during the unit’s 50 year expected lifespan. We do not specify a bypass. Why? Because a bypass is a potential point of failure – a Voltage Power Optimisation is not.

VPO can

Reduce energy costs0%
Reduce your maximum demand0%
Reduce carbon emissions0%